Celebrating 2 Years of Live Shows With Fun Stats

2nd Anniversary

This week (February 19th, to be exact) we celebrated our 2-year anniversary for the show. I figured it would be fun to take a look at some of the stats and interesting figures behind the last 2 years:

Live Show Stats:

# of Shows – 75

# of Seasons – 5 (currently in 5th season)

YouTube Subscribers – 953

Total Views – 26,400

Total Minutes Watched – 281,712!

Comments (not counting via Google Plus) – 10,039

Likes – 1,646

Viewers – 22% Male, 78% Female

Podcast Info

Downloads – 2,215

Reached New & Noteworthy on iTunes in…

Health, Alternative Health, and Fitness & Nutrition!!

Social Media Stats:

Facebook Fans336

Twitter Followers164

Instagram Followers79

Top 5 Most Watched Interviews:

5) Episode 062 – Tamara Tyus (Getting My Life Back Now)

4) Episode 013 – Sarah Spano (Less of Sarah)

3) Episode 002 – Jumoke Hill (Jumoke TV Fitness)

2) Episode 047 – Jenni Burnett (JustaPhotoGirl) follow up interview

1) Episode 003 – Jenni Burnett (JustaPhotoGirl)

I want to thank everyone who has played a part in the success of the Renew Show! I have had 7 different co-hosts through the 5 seasons (including my wife!) and each one has brought something unique and useful to the table.

Also, if it weren’t for all of the people who were willing to come on as guests, the show would have stalled early on. I have to thank everyone who has helped to promote the show. Early on when Renew was (at least, to my knowledge) the only live weight loss show on YT, it grew in popularity because of all of you mentioning it in your weekly videos and sharing it across social media!

We have a lot of changes in store for the show in the very near future and we hope you can get excited about the future of the show.