Renew Show: Episode 020 – Live Interview with DeAnna Bray

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Show Summary

In this episode we interview DeAnna Bray. A woman who has had to deal with a food addiction, binge eating, a botched weight loss surgery, a revision, and then a different wls, all along the way to losing 130lbs from her highest!

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DeAnna Bray – YouTube

Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Rob Reno – YouTube

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In This Particular Episode, You Will Learn/Hear About:

  • The tragic event that may have triggered DeAnna’s binge eating
  • The botched lapband surgery that lead to a host of medical problems years later
  • Her wls revision, including the removal of the lapband and finally a gastric bypass
  • How a television show attempted to exploit her weight loss efforts

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