Renew Show: Episode 025 – Live Interview with James Pavia (James RNY Guy)

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Show Summary

In this episode we talk to James Pavia, aka James RNY Guy. He discusses body dysmorphia, how his family is reacting to his weight loss, and some of the benefits of losing weight!

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James Pavia – YouTube

Rosemary Almgren – YouTube

Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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In This Particular Episode, You Will Learn/Hear:

  • He shares why he isn’t hung up on a certain number on the scale as a goal
  • He shares some of the benefits he’s seen to his weight loss
  • He explains why he’s not affected if he gains some weight back
  • He tells what are the easiest and hardest things about his journey
  • He explains the difficulty he faces with body dysmorphia
  • He tells how his family are reacting to his weight loss

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