Renew Show Episode 039 – Breaking Plateaus & Weight Loss Tools

Weight Loss Podcast Renew

Show Summary

The hosts discuss different tips to breaking through weight loss plateaus. They also bust some weight loss myths and give some helpful tools to help reach weight loss goals!

Links (where applicable):

Laurie Rittgers – YouTube

Rosemary Almgren – YouTube

Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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In This Particular Episode, You Will Learn/Hear:

  • The reasons people hit plateaus
  • The best ways you can overcome a plateau
  • The benefits of being precise
  • Can you lose weight in certain trouble areas?
  • Can cutting calories too low be detrimental to weight loss?
  • What kind of foods are slowing down your progress
  • Different apps and programs that are helpful for weight loss and fitness

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