Renew Show Podcast 008 – Live Interview Zenmaiden1

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In this episode we interview Melody, aka Zenmaiden1. She talks about all of the crazy/dangerous diets she tried before deciding to have weight loss surgery. She also talks about her new-found love of working out including kickboxing and kettlebells.

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Links (where applicable):

Melody “Zenmaiden” – YouTube

Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Rob Reno – YouTube

Julie Wilson – YouTube

Items Mentioned In This Podcast (where applicable):


In This Particular Episode, You Will Learn/Hear About:

  • Melody’s past struggles with bulimia
  • Hair loss after weight loss surgery
  • Her daily calorie goals after having VSG
  • Ways to get in protein after wls

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