Renew Show: Episode 009 – Live Interview With Jess “Too Big” Perreca Jr

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In this episode we interview Jess Perreca, Jr., aka “Too Big”. Jess talks about binge eating, hiding food, and exercise at over 500lbs! He also goes into detail on how he hides food from his wife by eating in the car and other places.

Links (where applicable):

Jess Perreca, Jr. – YouTube

Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Rob Reno – YouTube

Julie Wilson – YouTube

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In This Particular Episode, You Will Learn/Hear About:

  • Jess’ methods of dealing with his food addiction
  • Hiding food from his wife and family
  • How his life coach helps him in his weight loss journey

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