Renew Show Update: Canceling Live Shows

Renew Show Cancelled

Due to a number of reasons, we have decided to stop airing live broadcasts every week. The Renew Show started as a concept in my mind more than 3 years ago, and became a reality over 2 years ago!During that time we have published 180 videos and done about 80 live broadcasts.

I feel as though the original intention of the show has been fulfilled (as much as 1 hour a week could) – to bring together various “pockets” of the weight loss community so that we all could benefit from the stories, struggles, victories, and mental battles that we all go through. Rather than forming clicks and gravitating to people who share the exact same story and method of weight loss, the viewers, guests, and hosts of the Renew Show have come from all walks of life and from practically every weight loss plan, method, surgery, and fitness regime in order to form a large support group that allows us to learn and pull from each other.

As I stated above, there were a number a reasons that lead to us deciding to end the show now; and the fact that each host has increased responsibilities outside of the show serves as a great confirmation of this decision. I go into detail about these reasons in the video that I just published (click below to watch):

All Is Not Lost

As I stated in the video, this doesn’t mean that the show will die or that we will no longer be around; we are just going away from sitting in front of our cameras every Tuesday night. We still plan to publish videos – both topics and interviews – every Tuesday evening at 9PM est, but most of them won’t be live.

Ideas For Future Shows?

Since the vast majority of the shows that we publish will be pre-recorded, that actually gives us more freedom in what we can do.

Do you have any ideas/requests for topics or interviews?

Is there anything that you would like us to tackle on the show that would have been nearly impossible in a live broadcast?

If so, then leave a comment below with your idea!