Season 4

Renew Show Guests/Topics During Season 4

09.16.14Episode 057 (S4, E01) – Q&A with hosts Khaleef “Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet” Crumbley, Brooke “CrazyRunningMom” LaGrasso, Sara Smaling, and Sherrian “JazzwifeKnS” Crumbley

09.23.14 – Episode 058 (S4, E02)Topic: “Having Plastic Surgery Before Hitting Goal“, with special guests Tina “PraryPrincess” Crim and Alicia “MsBeautifulalicia” Contreras

09.30.14Episode 059 (S4, E03) – Topic: Food Logging/Tracking Tips/Tools

10.07.14Episode 060 (S4, E04)Staci Compher aka Cflattop

10.14.14Episode 061 (S4, E05) – Topic: Should the Food Industry Be Held Accountable for the Obesity Epidemic?

10.21.14Episode 062 (S4, E06)Tamara from Getting My Life Back Now

10.28.14Show Cancelled

11.04.14Episode 063 (S4, E07)Jennifer aka 1 Gorgeous Godzilla

11.11.14 – Episode 064 (S4, E08) – Topic: Fat Shaming, Fit shaming, and Fat Acceptance – What’s the Right Approach?

11.18.14Episode 065 (S4, E09) – Topic: Gross “Healthy” Foods; and What are Your Guilty Pleasures?

11.25.14Episode 066 (S4, E10)Thanksgiving Traditions, & What are You Thankful For?

12.02.14Episode 067 (S4, E11)Live Interview with Jennifer Bleecher

12.09.14 – Episode 068 (S4, E12) – Topic: Gift Ideas for Weight Loss & Fitness

12.16.14Episode 069 (S4, E13)Nicole from Fit Girl Nikki

12.23.14Episode 070 (S4, E14) – Christmas Special & Season Finale