Season 5

01.20.15Episode 071 (S5, E1)Q&A With The Hosts

01.27.15Episode 072 (S5, E2)Jamie from Wheelin’ Weightloss – Working Out With A Disability

02.03.15Episode 073 (S5, E3)Kelly Grodotzke-Roth aka Grodot333

02.10.15Episode 074 (S5, E4)Topic: Vaccination – How to Know The Right Thing To Do?

02.17.15Episode 075 (S5, E5)Lacey Russell aka I Heart Lace RNY

02.24.15Episode 076 (S5, E6)Topic: Handling Advice/Criticism From Random People

03.03.15Episode 077 (S5, E7)Sarah Harrison (Sarlharrison)

03.10.15Episode 078 (S5, E8)Dana aka MsDanaGerous

03.17.15Episode 079 (S5, E9)Janine Rello aka PinkFishLilly

03.24.15Episode 080 (S5, E10) – Topic: Should Obese People Pay More For Health Insurance?

03.31.15Episode 081 (S5, E11)FINAL LIVE SHOW: Q&A With Hosts!

06.02.15Episode 082 (S5, E12)Sara’s Pregnancy Experience & Expectations

06.09.15Episode 083 (S5, E13)How to Stop Your Weight Loss Journey from Taking Over Your Life